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MZK TWIN+ Firmware Update
The update software for the MZK terminal, RX / TX modules and sensors requires no program installation in your PC. The MZK terminal operates like an USB mass storage device similar to a flash drive.
MZK Terminal
Version 0.24:
- Variometer Audiocodec with settings of indicator levels, sound frequency etc.
- Saving / loading of audiocodecs for each model.
- Saving / loading of alarms for each model.
- More reliable enumeration: Flush of the receiving buffer in the TX module.
- Fixed bug in audio codec (period of beep for values greater than 6 m/s).
MZK Terminal ver 0.24 english: MBX0EN24.MFI
Version 0.23:
MZK Terminal ver 0.23 English: MBX0EN23.MFI
MZK Terminal firmware update guidelines step-by-step.
Transmitter modules TWIN+
TWIN Graupner TXG ver 1.5:TXG_0-1_5.MVF
TWIN Futaba TXF ver 1.5:TXF_0-1_5.MVF
TWIN Uni TXU ver 1.5:TXU_0-1_5.MVF
Transmitters firmware update guidelines step-by-step.
Receivers TWIN+
Version 1.7:
- No need to re-enable data transfer on diffrenet models. You have to upgrade all your receiver with 1.7 if you want to use this function. Receiver generates identification code, version 1.7 generates the same code all the time. We satisfied customer requirements. Please be careful on receiver settings. If you have more than one receiver in your model, only one is allowed to transfer data.
- batMin detector designed to observe supply voltage drop. batMin shows minimal measured voltage.
- UVmonit detector designed to observe severe voltage drops faults. Counter that increments if voltage is below 4V, counter is not cleared event if processos is reseted due to brown-out. You shoud use this function before you lift off.
Note. UVmonit and batMin are not implemented in Twin Vario 10.
TWIN RX7 ver 1.7:RX7_0-1_7.MVF
TWIN RX8 ver 1.7:RX8_0-1_7.MVF
TWIN RX10 ver 1.7:RX10_0-1_7.MVF
TWIN RX10Vario ver 1.7:RX10V_0-1_7.MVF
Version 1.5:
TWIN RX7 ver 1.5:RX7_0-1_5.MVF
TWIN RX8 ver 1.5:RX8_0-1_5.MVF
TWIN RX10 ver 1.5:RX10_0-1_5.MVF
TWIN RX10Vario ver 1.5:RX10V_0-1_5.MVF
Receivers firmware update guidelines step-by-step.
Sensors TWIN+ System
Version sUIQ/sVIQ 0.4:
- Umin: bus low voltage detection, minimum detector is activated if both voltage is higher than 2V and current more than 0.4A/0.8A
- Imax: shows peak current
- Power (Watts): current power to load
sVIQ-50 ver 0.4:sVIQ50-0_4.MVF
sVIQ-100 ver 0.4:sVIQ100-0_4.MVF
sVario ver 0.3:sVario0-0_3.MVF
Sensors firmware update guidelines step-by-step.
More information
Any comments and suggestions to the MZK Terminal, transmitters, receivers and sensors should be directed to Ing. Petr Sladek (peter (dot) sladek (at) ). (English and Czech preffered)